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AI as a Customs Co-Pilot

Navigating the Complex World of Customs with AI In the labyrinth of global trade, the customs process stands as a formidable challenge, often beleaguered by a multitude of documentation, stringent regulations, and an ever-evolving landscape of international trade laws. For customs professionals, freight forwarders, and manufacturers, navigating this intricate maze can be daunting, time-consuming, and …

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Tariff Update 2024: Changes to Commodity Code Structure and Third Country Duty Measures

AI Summary ✨ HM Revenue & Customs issued a Tariff Stop Press Notice on January 24, 2024, detailing updates to the commodity code structure and third country duty measures. Commodity codes were absorbed and created, affecting various items such as beans, passion fruit, and granadilla. Additionally, a correction was made to the tariff dataset entry …

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What is CDS in Customs?

The world of international trade is continually evolving, with technological advancements and regulatory changes shaping the way goods move across borders. In this dynamic environment, understanding the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) becomes crucial for businesses and customs agents alike. CDS is a pivotal component in modernizing customs processes, and here we delve into its intricacies …

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Owain Brennan & Alan Appleyard Launching Flytta in front of the Transporter Bridge in Teesside

The Launch of Flytta

SeerBI and Casper Digital are delighted to announce a partnership for the co-development and delivery of a new automated digital trade product, Flytta, which reduces the customs processing time for goods into the UK. Jointly developed by data scientists and customs experts to expedite the customs declaration process, from typically 90 minutes to near instant. …

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