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Automate your Customs declarations using AI from Email, Excel, API & More

Automated Import & Export Customs Declarations via CDS (Customs Declaration Service) saves time and money across the supply chain. 

What is Flytta?

Flytta is a product that automates the import and export customs declaration process to allow customs agents to process 1000’s of declarations instantly using Flytta’s AI models.

We integrate with your current infrastructure to reduce human errors, speed up declaration processing and reduce costs.

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Why Choose Us

Instant Bulk Declarations

Proccess 1000's of declarations in seconds

No Manual Errors

Reduce manual errors causing customs delays

GVMS Automation

Create a GMR code alongside your declarations for road freight

Infinitely Scaleable

Ready to scale with you from 10 to 10 million declarations

Flytta has significantly expedited the time-consuming customs process, the traditional customs declaration process has long been a bottleneck for importers, resulting in delays, increased costs, and reduced efficiency, the advanced automation system has revolutionised this critical stage of importation, streamlining operations and delivering immense benefits."
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Nikki Sayer
Casper Customs
Managing Director

Process Your Bulk Customs Declarations Instantly

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