Customs Automation to Create Declarations Instantly

Automate your Customs declarations using AI from commercial invoices trapped in Email, Excel, API & More. Automated Import & Export Customs Declarations via CDS (Customs Declaration Service) saves time and money across the supply chain. Bring Customs Automation to your organisation. 

Who is Flytta For?

Customs professionals who want to save thousands of hours a day

Customs Professionals who spend hours reading and copying data from commercial invoices

Flytta introduces smart automatic document reading to identify and extract relevant customs data from commerical invoices

Agents who search government systems for document codes for their commodities

Flytta is built on a smart data model connected to the live government systems to identify and apply relevant document codes

Manufacturers that spend valuable hours allocating the correct commodity and HS codes to their goods

Flytta has developed tools for manufacturers to find and apply commodity codes based on text based item descriptions and product images.

Flytta has significantly expedited the time-consuming customs process, the traditional customs declaration process has long been a bottleneck for importers, resulting in delays, increased costs, and reduced efficiency, the advanced automation system has revolutionised this critical stage of importation, streamlining operations and delivering immense benefits."
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What is Flytta?

Flytta is a digital trade product that automates the import and export customs declaration process to allow customs agents to process 1000’s of declarations instantly using Flytta’s AI models.

We integrate with your current infrastructure to reduce human errors, speed up declaration processing and reduce costs.

Flytta Fits Into Your Customs Environment

Flytta is built to be integrated directly into your customs environment as an addition, rather than overhauling your workflow. Build for Importers and Exporters by Importers and Exporters

Reap the benefits of AI and Automation without the need for large upfront spend, onboarding times or workflow disruption.

Flytta has an ever expanding suite of Integrations such as with Descartes and ASM Sequoia and Sedna to seamlessly integrate into your workflow.

Multi Document Input For Vital Trade Automation

Flytta understands Trade documents are complicated from Packing Lists to Commercial Invoices, Health Certificates and more, a Customs Declaration is more than single Data in single Data out.

This is why Flytta includes Multi Document Input for Vital Trade Automation, Flytta extracts key data points from across data type such as Email, Excel, JSON, API, PDFs and more to create your vital trade documents.

Customs Classification

The AI Engine built within Flytta allows users to automatically classify, identify and apply Customs Codes, Document Codes and other relevant trade values to their vital trade docuements.

By building with world leading data scientists, we develop fully explainable AI and data technologies to ensure stability in the Flytta AI Customs Workflow

Our Customs Automation Impact so far.

Declarations Processed
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Items Cleared
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How Customs Automation with Flytta Works

Start by sending us your customs/commodity invoice data using email, API, server hosting, or our online file drop tool for fast setup and integration

We combine your data with data from our customs models using up-to-date HMRC protocols to prepare a completed declaration, which is audited using internal validation tools.

We return a completed declaration to you as an Excel file, CSV, or drop it directly into your customs service provider, such as ASM or Descartes, via API

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Why Choose Flytta

Instant Bulk Declarations

Proccess 1000's of declarations in seconds

No Manual Errors

Reduce manual errors causing customs delays

GVMS Automation

Create a GMR code alongside your declarations for road freight

Infinitely Scaleable

Ready to scale with you from 10 to 10 million declarations

Current Customs Solutions

Flytta's Customs Solutions


From £5 Per Declaration

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Automate Your Customs Declarations Instantly

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