UK Tariff Update: Import Control of Timber Products and Simplified Procedure Value Changes

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  • New DEFRA Footnote for Timber Products: Effective 24 May 2024, DEFRA introduces Footnote CD773 for timber products from Indonesia under the FLEGT licensing scheme.
  • Certificate Requirement: Certificate C690 is now mandatory for Indonesian timber imports directly into the UK, with specified exemptions.
  • Exemptions Explained: Timber products not covered by the UK/Indonesia FLEGT agreement, not directly imported, or non-commercial are exempt, using code Y057.
  • Simplified Procedure Value Update: The SPV has been revised for the period of 24 May to 6 June 2024, with further details available online.

Update to Import control of timber and timber products subject to the FLEGT licensing scheme:

A new DEFRA footnote has been added to the Measure Type 747 – Import control of timber and timber products subject to the FLEGT licensing scheme as of 24 May 2024. Please see Footnote CD773 with the following description: Certificate C690 shall be declared for imports of timber products of Indonesia origin directly imported into the UK. Goods that are a) not part of the UK/Indonesia FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement, b) not directly imported into UK from Indonesia; or c) are of a non-commercial nature are exempt from this measure. If exempt use Y057.

Update to Simplified Procedure Value:

The Simplified Procedure Value (SPV) has been updated. The update applies to the period between 24 May and 6 June 2024. Please use the following link to find out more. Simplified Procedure Value Information

detailed illustration of timber products being inspected at a UK port. An official is reviewing import documents with a backdrop of timber logs,

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