Owain Brennan & Alan Appleyard Launching Flytta in front of the Transporter Bridge in Teesside

About Us

Flytta is a data automation product that automates customs declarations to allow customs agents and supply chain actors to process 1000’s of declarations instantly using Flytta’s AI models in the UK CDS and CHIEF formats. Built by Customs Agents for Customs Agents in collaboration between SeerBI & Casper Group

Automatic Data Input

Flytta uses AI to take in data seamlessly, working with your current infrastructure and eliminating the need for error-prone manual input of goods and other details.
Flytta can process customs data via email, API, JSON file, EDI, Excel, CSV, PDF and more

AI Based Customs Processing

We use advanced language and statistics based AI models to create customs declarations based on your data and the most up to date tariff, embargo and customs news updates supported by Nvidia

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Declaration Delivery

We deliver the processed declaration data back to you via email or direct input into your customs software such as SequoiaThyme-ITCustran or more.

Get Customs Moving Quick

Reduce the time, manual error and effort from the customs declaration process

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