Flytta's Data Solutions

Customs Declaration Automation

Create Customs Declarations for CHIEF or CDS for Import and Exports from multiple document types submitted directly to your Customs environment such as DescartesASM Sequoia and more

The Flytta Front end platform
an image showing different data input types that Flytta can process such as email, pdf, excle and API

Multi-Smart Document Reading

Flytta offers a Multi-Smart Document reading Solution which is built into our customs automation system, this system can parse, read, validate ad output data with no user intervention for over 50 File Types including PDF, Excel, CSV, EDI, JSON and Word. Our system can also collate data from multiple files and types for a single output

Available as a part of out customs solution or separately via API and our Platform.

Customs Classification

Flytta has developed a solution to identify and deliver commodity codes, document codes for clearance and customs guidance based on commodity descriptions, titles, and images delivered individually via API or in bulk via file upload.

A graphic showing the data ouut options for customs from Flytta
A models showing how the Flytta AI Module Works via inputs from different sources

Data Pipeline Systems

We offer the delivery of Data Pipeline systems using our Flytta infrastructure for file upload, data extraction, cleaning, validation and delivery services via API or via our Platform.

Contact us to explore bespoke data pipeline solutions

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