GVMS Automation

Unlock the full potential of your data with Flytta’s GVMS Automation Solution, either whilst creating an automated customs declaration or as a stand-alone services Flytta can help you automatically collect your relevant data like MRN, give you updates about the GVM record from HMRC and Deliver you your final GVM QR code in a format that suits you.

Unified Data Collection

By working integration first, Flytta uses unified data collection methods to collect all of the relevant data for your GVMS record, even if it is not all available yet our suite of workflows can be set up to listen for relevant information and act on it when all MRN or other records are available. 

This can be applied across platforms, email services and APIs so don’t worry about disjointed information, allow Flytta to take the load.

GVMS Data Validation

Once Flytta has collected all of the relevant GVMS data we then go through a data validation stage, this can be done automatically using our models to verify records or verification and be done as a Digital Co-Pilot allowing the final stage to be approved by an agent before the GRM information is retrieved. 

Create and Transmit the GMR Information

The final stage is to transmit all of the GVMS information to HMRC and await notifications, once an approval notification is received, Flytta will automatically collect the GRM on your behalf, deliver any relevant notes or notification data and generate your GVMS QR Code record to allow the border crossing either within the Flytta Customs Automation platform or via API, Email or Text. 

GVMS Automation from £3 per Job

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