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Customs Declaration Automation

Create customs declarations instantly and automatically with Flytta, directly from data to customs declaration.

Upload your Data to Flytta

Upload your data to Flytta in over 50 Formats such as PDF, Excel, CSV, EDI, Word or via API and Flytta will automatically scan, extract and validate the data from your documents.

You can also upload data in multiple formats for a single declaration, for example Commodity data via Excel and commercial data as PDF for a single Declaration.

Flytta Creates Your Declaration

Using your uploaded data, Flytta creates a customs declaration based on the most up to date commodity and document code and VAT data from HMRC.

This data is passed through a pre-audit data validation screening to verify the declaration and you are automatically informed of any missing data or inaccuracies detected. 

Flytta Delivers the Declaration to your Customs Environment

Flytta is built to integrate directly into your current customs environemnt meaning the declaration can be delivered to you in whichever format suites you best.

This could be via a Excel file emailed to you, placed into your cloud environment or inputted directly into Customs software such as Descartes or ASM Sequoia.

Automate your Customs Declaration Today

Flytta is designed by customs agents for customs agents, work with our team to save thousands of hours a year

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