HMRC Announces New Commodity Codes to Align with EU – Update May 2024

AI Summary ✨

1. New Commodity Code Introduced: HMRC has introduced a new commodity code 7304312095 as of 17 May 2024.
2. Further Additions: Additional commodity codes 2912410010, 2912410090, 2912420010, and 2912420090 have been created as of 24 May 2024.
3. Dynamic Alignment with the EU: These updates ensure the UK’s tariff structure maintains dynamic alignment with EU regulations.
4. Effective Dates: The updates reflect ongoing adjustments, with specific effective dates noted for each new code.

Update to Commodity Code Structure to maintain dynamic alignment with the EU:

The following commodity code has been created as of 17 May 2024:

The following commodity codes have been created as of 24 May 2024:


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