Tariff Update 2024: Changes to Commodity Code Structure and Third Country Duty Measures

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HM Revenue & Customs issued a Tariff Stop Press Notice on January 24, 2024, detailing updates to the commodity code structure and third country duty measures. Commodity codes were absorbed and created, affecting various items such as beans, passion fruit, and granadilla. Additionally, a correction was made to the tariff dataset entry for certain commodities related to third country duty rate measures. Stay up-to-date with these important changes in trade tariffs.

Update to Commodity Code Structure to maintain dynamic alignment with the EU.

The following commodity codes have been absorbed as of 15 January 2024:

The following commodity codes have been absorbed as of 06 February 2024:

The following commodity codes have been created as of 06 February 2024:

Commodity CodeClassification
0708900030Seem beans, helmet beans (lablab purpureus)
0810902050Passion fruit (passiflora edulis)
0810902040Granadilla (passiflora liguralis)

Update to 103 – Third country duty measure coverage.

This update is due to the Department for Business and Trade correcting a missing tariff dataset entry in respect of 103 – Third country duty rate measures on the following commodity codes as of 24/01/2024:

Commodity CodeClassification
29314990553-(hydroxyphenylphosphinoyl)propionic acid (cas rn 14657-64-8)
2934999073Tetrahydrouridine (cas rn 18771-50-1)
8544429015Pvc isolated flexible eight wire cable with: a length of not more than 2100 mm; an operating voltage of 5v or more, but not more than 35v; a temperature resistance of not more than 80°c; either an over-moulded 7 pin round 270° din male connector, a 6 pin a1101 male connector or a 8 pin a1001 male connector on one end and; at least two stripped and tinned wires on the other end; whether or not with mounted rubber pad with integrated strain relief
8543709087An electronic sound generator, creating an analog signal for a device producing the sound of an engine, containing: a printed circuit board with a microprocessor and a sound amplifier; a connector; a plastic housing; with or without a metal holder, for use in the manufacture of goods of chapter 87
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