Flytta Sponsors the 3rd Annual Digital Progress Charterers’ & Shipbrokers’ Forum

At Flytta, we’re proud to announce our sponsorship of the 3rd Annual Digital Progress Charterers’ & Shipbrokers’ Forum. The event, which will take place on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, at The Dutch Church event space, Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HA, brings together leading industry professionals to share insights and innovations in the maritime sector.

About Flytta

Flytta is a cutting-edge digital trade solution that automates import and export customs declarations, enabling customs agents to process thousands of declarations instantly with the help of Flytta’s AI models. Our platform seamlessly integrates into existing workflows to reduce human error, speed up processing times, and reduce costs. Key features include:

  • Multi-Smart Document Reading: Automatically reads over 50 file types from multiple documents to create accurate customs declarations.
  • Customs Classification: Utilizes AI to classify, identify, and apply customs and document codes quickly and accurately.
  • Data Pipeline Systems: Helps businesses develop tailored data pipelines for efficient trade document automation.
A sponsorship image for Flytta sponsoring the ICS Binnacle Digital Progress Event

Event Overview

The Digital Progress Charterers’ & Shipbrokers’ Forum is a premier event where maritime professionals can network and learn from industry leaders. This year’s forum promises a day filled with expert talks, panel discussions, and networking opportunities over lunch and drinks.

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2024
Venue: The Dutch Church event space, Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HA
Time: First session begins at 09:45

Agenda Highlights:

  1. Kevin Shakesheff, FICS, MBE: President of The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers – Welcome address.
  2. Klisman Murati, CEO of Pareto Economics: Keynote – Pioneering new approaches to geo-economic analysis.
  3. Helena Biggs, Senior Lawyer, Gard: Geopolitical disruption – Legal aspects of the complexities of war.
  4. Dr. Kirsi Tikka, Director, Decarbonisation: Investment strategies for compliant ship operations.
  5. Alistair Stevenson, Head of Digital Analytics, SSY Group: EU ETS and the future landscape of carbon costs.
  6. Michael Monahan, President, Horizon Naval Architects: Ship ratings and carbon credit risks.
  7. Wei Hu, Director, Sinotrans UK: Insights on piracy and ship security.
  8. Robert Hodge, Director & General Manager, ITIC: Specialist Indemnity Insurance.
  9. Frans Ubaghs, Senior Vetting & Deputy Marine Director, INTERTANKO: Digitalisation of ship inspections.
  10. Mads Wacher Kjaergaard, Manager Standards & Innovation, BIMCO: AI and digitalisation of charter parties.
  11. Callum Beaumont, Founder, Cordell Beaumont: Next-generation maritime workforce.
  12. Phil Stalley, Director, HubSE: Demurrage software and better decision-making.

View the full agenda and register here: The 3rd Annual London Charterers’ & Shipbrokers’ Forum 2024

Why We’re Sponsoring

As the maritime industry embraces digital transformation, Flytta is excited to support this influential event. Our sponsorship underscores our commitment to driving innovation and efficiency in global trade. We are dedicated to helping innovate trade across the supply chain and reduce the complexities associated with customs documentation through automation.

Join our CEO Alan Appleyard and CTO Owain Brennan at the event to learn about the work we are doing in automating trade and customs and learn about other advancements in the exciting talks.

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