Understanding and Accurately Completing a Customs Declaration: A Guide with Flytta 

Navigating the world of international shipping can be daunting, especially when it comes to dealing with customs declarations. A customs declaration is a mandatory document that provides information about the nature, value, and destination of the goods being shipped across international borders. This guide aims to simplify the process for you and explain how a service like Flytta can assist in making this task more manageable. 

What is a Customs Declaration? 

A customs declaration is a form filled out by individuals or businesses shipping goods internationally. It’s used by customs authorities to assess whether the goods can enter or leave a country, what duties and taxes are applicable, and to ensure compliance with various import and export regulations. In the UK a customs declaration for import must be done through the Customs Declaration Service or CDS and exports can be done via CDS or the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight This form typically includes details such as: 

– The nature and classification of the goods. 

– The value of the goods. 

– The origin and destination of the shipment. 

– The purpose of the shipment (commercial, personal, etc.). 

How to Complete a Customs Declaration Accurately 

Completing a customs declaration accurately is vital to avoid delays, penalties, or confiscation of your goods. Here’s a step-by-step approach: 

 1. Provide Accurate Information About the Goods 

– Description: Clearly describe what the goods are. Vague or inaccurate descriptions can lead to delays. 

– Value: Declare the correct value, including the cost of the goods and any other expenses like shipping and insurance. 

– Weight and Dimensions: Provide precise measurements and weight of your package. 

2. Classify Your Goods 

Every product has a specific commodity code that determines the duty and tax rates. Misclassification can lead to incorrect duty charges. 

3. Specify the Origin and Destination 

Indicate the country of origin and the destination country. This helps in determining if any trade agreements or restrictions apply. 

4. Declare the Purpose 

Specify whether the goods are for personal use, sale, or as samples for business. 

5. Know the Regulations 

Familiarize yourself with the import/export regulations of the countries you are shipping to and from. This includes restricted items and documentation requirements. 

6. Keep Records 

Maintain copies of invoices, receipts, and other relevant documents. They may be required for verification. 

How Flytta Can Help 

Flytta is a platform designed to streamline the process of international shipping, including the completion of customs declarations. Here’s how Flytta can be a valuable tool: 

1. Automated Classification 

Flytta can help in automatically classifying your goods with the correct commodity codes, reducing the risk of errors. 

2. Simplified Form Filling 

The platform offers an AI solution to create customs declaration directly from PDFs, Excel, CSV, Email and more using multi smart document reading 

3. Real-Time Updates on Regulations 

Flytta provides up-to-date information on customs regulations and changes in duty rates and document codes and helping you stay compliant. 

4. Documentation Management 

The service helps in organizing and storing your shipping documents, making them easily accessible for future reference. 

5. Support and Guidance 

Access to customer support for any queries or assistance you might need during the process. 

6. Customs Environment Integration 

Flytta integrates directly into your current customs environment submitting declarations into services such as Descartes and ASM Sequoia


Completing a customs declaration accurately is a critical part of international shipping. It ensures that your goods move smoothly through customs, avoiding unnecessary delays and expenses. With the aid of platforms like Flytta, the process becomes much more straightforward, allowing even those new to international shipping to navigate the complexities with ease. Always ensure to stay informed and seek assistance when needed to ensure a smooth and compliant shipping experience.

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