Latest HMRC Update: Key Changes in Third Country Duty Measures and Agricultural Licences – May 14, 2024

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  1. Omission of Third Country Duty Measures: The HMRC announced that several Third Country duty rate measures are missing from the tariff dataset post the addition of 103 new measures, impacting various commodity codes related to floral products such as roses, carnations, and orchids.

  2. Urgent Fix and Declaration Disruption: An urgent fix is underway due to the missing data, which might cause disruptions in tariff declarations for the affected commodity codes.

  3. Business Duty Suspensions Update: Updates have been made to the Third Country duty suspension rate measures for commodity code 1109000000 (wheat gluten), reflecting corrections by the Department for Business and Trade.

  4. Agricultural Import and Export Licence Changes: Agricultural import and export licence X001 has been removed from commodity codes 1006200000 & 1006300000, with further details available in Notice to Traders 101/21.


Notification of omitted 103 -Third Country duty measure coverage:

Please note that following the addition of 103 measures made yesterday, the tariff dataset provided by the Department for Business and Trade is noted to be missing Third Country duty rate measures in respect of the commodity codes listed below. A fix is being urgently sought but declaration disruption may be experienced in the meantime. The commodity codes affected are:

Commodity CodeClassification
0603150000Lilies (lilium spp.)
0603197010Of the genus protea
0603197020Of the genus banksia, leucadendron, brunia and forsythia

Update to Business duty suspensions coverage:

This update is due to the Department for Business and Trade correcting a missing tariff dataset entry in respect of 103 – Third country duty rate measures.

103 – Third country duty suspension rate measures with add code 2700 have been updated on the following commodity codes as of 14/05/2024:

Commodity CodeClassification
1109000000Wheat gluten, whether or not dried

Administrative updates to Agricultural import and export licence X001

Agricultural import and export licence X001 has been removed from 1006200000 & 1006300000. For more information please see: Notice to Traders 101/21: Information on general (non-quota) import/export licences


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