Latest HMRC Tariff Update: New HMI Conformity Certificate Measures and Commodity Code Changes as of April 2024

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  1. New National Document Code 9083: Introduced for imports of triggered-to-ripen fresh bananas, exempting them from needing a Certificate of Conformity.
  2. Detailed Commodity Codes: Updates include specific codes like 0803901100 for “Plátano de canarias” and several others under frozen and other classifications.
  3. Footnote PR005 Revision: Adjustments have been made following dataset corrections by the Department for Business and Trade, specifically for fruit and veg HMI Conformity Certificates.

Update to HMI Conformity Certificate measures:

National document code 9083 has been created from 27 April 2024.

9083 document code description reads as:
Certificate of Conformity not required; import of fresh bananas that have been deliberately triggered to ripen prior to import.

The 9083 document code applies to HMI Conformity Certificate (fruit and veg) issued in UK on the following commodity codes from 27 April 2024:

Commodity CodeClassification
0803901100Plátano de canarias

Update to HMI Conformity Certificate Footnote PR005 Description:

This update is due to the Department for Business and Trade correcting their dataset entry in respect of footnote description for PR005 following the recent DEFRA migration from PEACH to IPAFFS. This footnote applies to HMI Conformity Certificate (fruit and veg) issued in UK.

New description reads as:

Contact Details for lead Government Department are as follows:
HMI Admin Support,
(CIT), APHA, Defra, Foss House,
Kings Pool 1-2 Peasholme Green,
York, YO1 7PX
Tel: 0300 100 0313

Update to Commodity Code Structure to maintain dynamic alignment with the EU:

The following commodity codes have been created as of 1 May 2024:

Commodity CodeClassification


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