Latest HMRC Commodity Code Update – Maintaining Alignment with the EU as of May 2024

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  1. Introduction of New Commodity Codes: Effective 1 May 2024, HMRC has introduced new commodity codes, specifically 0409000010 and 0409000090, to ensure that the UK’s tariff system remains dynamically aligned with the European Union.
  2. Purpose of the Update: This modification in commodity code structure is aimed at facilitating smoother trade and regulatory processes by mirroring changes in the EU’s commodity coding system.
  3. Impact on Businesses: Businesses involved in trade must update their systems to incorporate these new codes to comply with the latest HMRC regulations and avoid potential disruptions in their trading operations with the EU.
  4. Strategic Alignment: The update is part of a broader strategy to maintain a dynamic alignment with the EU, reflecting ongoing adjustments in response to changes in the market and international trade standards.

Update to Commodity Code Structure to maintain dynamic alignment with the EU

The following commodity codes have been created as of 1 May 2024:

  • 0409000010
  • 0409000090

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