Key Updates on HMRC Tariffs: Business Suspensions and Simplified Procedure Value Changes – April 2024

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  • Business Suspensions Update: HMRC has announced updates to the UK Business Suspensions effective from 11 April 2024. This includes important changes that may affect businesses and their operations. More information can be accessed through the dedicated link provided by HMRC.

  • Simplified Procedure Value (SPV) Update: The SPV has been revised for a specific timeframe from 12 April 2024 to 25 April 2024. This update is critical for businesses involved in simplified customs procedures, potentially impacting their tariff calculations and duty payments.

  • Effective Dates Noted: It’s essential for businesses to note the effective dates for these updates to ensure compliance and optimal operation under the new regulations. The Business Suspensions update takes effect immediately on 11 April, while the SPV update covers a two-week period starting a day later.

  • Access to More Information: HMRC provides specific links for more detailed information on these updates, allowing businesses to fully understand and adapt to these changes. This direct access is crucial for ensuring that businesses can quickly find and use the relevant information.


Update to Business Suspensions:

UK Business Suspensions have been updated. The update applies from 11 April 2024. Please use the following link to find out more: UK Business Suspensions Information.

Update to Simplified Procedure Value:

The Simplified Procedure Value (SPV) has been updated. The update applies to the period between 12 April 2024 and 25 April 2024. Please use the following link to find out more: Simplified Procedure Value Information.


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