April 2024 Updates: Anti-Dumping Duty, EU-Aligned Commodity Codes, and Adjustments to South African Wine and India Steel Quotas

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In April 2024, HM Revenue & Customs published significant updates impacting international trade regulations and tariffs. Key points include:

  1. Extension of Anti-Dumping Duty: The Trade Remedies Authority recommended extending the anti-dumping duty on certain cast iron articles from China, ensuring fair trade practices.

  2. Commodity Code Structure Revamp: To maintain dynamic alignment with the EU, new commodity codes (3907610010 and 3907610090) have been introduced as of 3 April 2024, affecting trade classifications.

  3. South African Wine Quota Adjustments: Due to a volume criteria discrepancy, South African wine quotas (051892 and 051893) will be corrected from kilograms to litres, with the updated quotas running until the end of 2024.

  4. India Steel Quota Category 4 Update: The Quarter four steel quota for India (category four, quota number 058106) is exhausted. India will be added to the residual quota, allowing trade without additional safeguard duty under quota number 058007.

These updates aim to enhance trade regulation clarity, promote fair trading conditions, and ensure accurate trade classifications aligning with international standards.

Update to Anti-Dumping Duty on cast iron ground covers from China.

Trade Remedies Authority have recommended an extension to the anti-dumping duty on certain cast iron articles from China.

Full details can be found in the Trade Remedies Notice 2024/04.

Update to Commodity Code Structure to maintain dynamic alignment with the EU.   The following commodity codes have been created as of 3 April 2024: 

  • 3907610010
  • 3907610090

South African Wine Quota Amendments. 

South African wine quotas (order numbers 051892 and 051893) are currently showing the wrong volume criteria – kilograms rather than litres. As both quotas have been used, we plan to close the current quotas and re-open them with the same quota order numbers until the end of 2024 with a revised quota volume in litres. This change will have no effect on declarations already made. The closing date for the above two quotas measured in kilograms will be the 5 April 2024. The above quota order numbers will have a new start date from the 6 April 2024 and run until 31 December 2024 in litres.

India Steel Quota Category 4

The Quarter four steel quota for India category four (quota number 058106) is exhausted. Under the UK Steel safeguarding rules, India will now be added to the residual “all other countries” quota (quota number 058007) so that trade can continue without the safeguard additional duty applying until the residual quota is exhausted. Importers of Indian origin category 4 steel should be able to use quota number 058007 for the remainder of this quota period from 8th April 2024.


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